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Are you visiting Northstar Mountain

and want to sample some of this

one light towns' restaurants

from the comfort of your

hotel, vacation home or condo? 


Sitting at home, wishing someone would

just bring you your favorite dish from your

favorite little restaurant in the Kimberley Platzl?

A bottle of local Wine from the Sully Liquor Store?

Some Overtime Beers?

A gift for that special someone, hand delivered?


Don't want to drive in the snowstorm?!?


Call Kimberley Delivery!

Yes, we do Liquor & Convenience store stops too! 

We'll pick almost anything up for you. 

Flat rate available.

We accept Cash, Interac Flash, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Google Pay and Apple Pay

at the door.


Delivering within Kimberley

including Marysville + Meadowbrook

Owned and operated by local food truck owners.

We’re FoodSafe trained, so your food always arrives

hot and fresh.  We're also experienced advanced first aid providers which means  we always drive safely.

No hidden fees, and we never charge the restaurants any cut of your bill like the big city delivery chains.


We pay the store when we pick up your items, and you pay us at the door.

The delivery fee is added to your shop bill.


Shop Local, Stay Cozy.